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Piatok 28.12.2018 02:47, need to buy lexus ES250
I wuant to need to buy lexus ES250, forum anyone wants to cede

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Piatok 28.12.2018 16:29, RE: need to buy lexus ES250
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I would recommed to start with learning English. First, no ES250 exists in the product line of Toyota/Lexus. There is the only IS250. If you have a look at any SH dealer, you can find plenty of such a model. A car itseld is a good choice, but - as always - you must be careful..It is not produced any more ansd the last type left the production lines in 2013. So the youngets model may have about 150tkm at least and you might face some potential troubles, although this model is excellent regarding the reliabiliyt and quality. Some parts are availabe only at Lexus, but on the other hand, like a brake kits, are quite well spread and you can buy a lot of models from various producers. Engine is almost trouble-free, check the oil consumption (easy to say, hard to do), gear bxo is very reliable, but the oil fill has to be changed at each 60.000km. try to findf more info on web. Much has been written about IS 250, generally about any type of Lexus.

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